Data Business

Content is king for any information service such as Yellow Pages, Price Comparison or Risk Assessment. Data quality depends on accuracy and recency. Who are the players and what source is reliable?

"data is the currency of the future". If you search for this phrase, Google responds with a couple million results for this query. It's the data of your fingerprints leaving in the internet when searching the web. And the "internet of things" will produce even more of that, when rolled out in households, mobility and wearable devices. This currency really creates an unbelievable amount of "big data" every day and its the art to analyze it to retrieve new findings.

But there is another kind of data which is needed for a much better insight and this is the data of the real world. My background in data business comes from this area. It's the world of directories. Typical examples has been white and yellow pages. "White Pages" containing listings (names, addresses and phone numbers) of all telephone subscribers. The majority are listings from residential persons which translates to "consumers", "households", etc.. "Yellow Pages" are categorized business listings of the vast majority of active business in a certain country or region.

Only by connecting the behavioral (big) data with qualified reference directories from the real world, the analysis will lead into much more useful and relevant findings. This is the area of my expertise for many years, both technical, commercial and international.