Web Applications

Millions of web pages compete about the attention of the internet community. Today Google, Bing, Yahoo are deciding what is relevant and will be seen on the internet. How to rank well at their SERPs makes or brakes success.

The web is a fantastic market place and from any corner on this planet you can address a world market immediately. Isn't that great?

Yes, you can address it but the best web site is worth nothing if nobody visit it. And usually there is never enough marketing budget to improve the visibility to a dominating level. Plus, how sustainable is the traffic, if it was just gained by expensive ad spendings?

Especially in the directory industry where I am coming from, it is today completely useless to build up an own brand in search. The internet user always starts its search from Google, Yahoo or Bing. The challenge is to attract your site to the search engines in a way that a page of your website appears as a snippet on the first SERP.

This credo in mind I initiated a couple of web services in the UK, US, French and German market. Until mid 2015 it accumulated to about 250 Mio pages on six sites. Most known of it is USplaces.com with about 100 K daily visitors at that time. 100 thousand distinct visitors mean 100 thousand opportunities to interact with the user at your page. Every day. This is fun. How we got there? The answer is ongoing SEO and Content Marketing. All of it creates pure organic traffic, no single marketing dollar spent.