Mobile Apps

For sure, Mobile Apps provide the better User Experience than Web Services on a smart phone. Plus, Apps are focused! Simplicity and ease of use gets you the information at your finger tips.

At the beginning, I was somewhat reserved. Publishing apps is a work intensive project. The major platforms, Android and iOS, are not compatible and require a separate development. Still today I am at the opinion to start a new service first at the web with a responsive site and to follow up at later steps with apps on Android and iOS.


  • Apps create a the better and consistent user experience as it can utilize the system functions and design elements provided by the mobile device.
  • Apps not necessarily need a mobile internet connection. Nice for the user.
  • Apps allow additional ways to keep contact with the users. The push notification function is well accepted and motivates to open your app more frequently. And the update function creates another event to get the user's attention for a more frequent use.
  • There are more options to create revenue. First the app can have a price and second, you have the options for in-app purchases or subscription models, etc.


  • An app is platform dependent. Android and iOS development is completely different. Yes, I know there is Xamarin and others, but I am not bought into this idea. Why? You create another layer of abstraction. And usually you can just implement the lowest common denominator of functions. Brand new features might be available with delays (if at all) on a joint development framework.
  • Monetization via Ads clicks require an internet connection. Bad for the publisher when the device is offline.
  • In my opinion, the CTR of an ad is significant lower compared to a traditional web site.

As always it depends, what is better for your business and especially in what maturity stage the project is. App development causes additional costs and time to market but depending on your project it might be worthwhile to spend.