Managing Growth

Start-Ups are great in challenging the established environment. But how to manage the growth and crossing the chasm? And all of that without loosing the spirit, business culture and quality?

Growth is the leading principle of our economy. Is economic growth unlimited? Of course not as the resources of our planet are limited. But for companies "Growth" means "Survival of the Fittest". If you fail to grow over a period of time, your company will disappear, one way or another.

For start-up companies, growth is relative easy at the beginning, as you start from zero. But when the business ramps-up, the success can jeopardize the future. The book "Crossing the Chasm" from Geoffrey A. Moore is my favorite literature for this critical evolution phase of a company.

Growth of course is not only represented by a growing revenue. Great, if the products meet the needs of the market but with the growing revenue other aspects are growing also and changing the corporation. To manage this transition well is the key challenge for young and ambitious companies.