Experience is not what happens to you. It's what you do with what happens to you.

A few insights about selected areas of my business experience:

Data business

Content is king for any information service such as Yellow Pages, Price Comparison or Risk Assessment.

Data quality depends on accuracy and recency. Who are the players and what source is reliable? more »


Millions of web pages compete about the attention of the internet community.

Today Google, Bing, Yahoo are deciding what is relevant and will be seen on the internet. How to rank well at their SERPs makes or brakes success. more »

Mobile Apps

For sure, Mobile Apps provide the better User Experience than Web Services on a smart phone.

Plus, Apps are focused! Simplicity and ease of use gets you the information at your finger tips. more »

Managing Growth

Start-Ups are great in challenging the established environment. But how to manage the growth and crossing the chasm? And all of that without loosing the spirit, business culture and quality? more »

Going Public

Become a millionaire in one day! Is this the real motivation for an IPO? Maybe, but before, there is much to do.

Is your Equity Story compelling to investors? How sustainable is your growth moving forward? more »

Mergers & Acquisitions

What to do with the fresh capital received from the IPO? Accelerate growth through acquisitions of other companies! Great idea but be prepared.

The seamless integration of an acquired company is a very challenging task. more »

Inter-Cultural business

Business is global and so the staff. Cross-border development became standard in large projects and Offshoring might save another buck.

Preconceptions and misunderstandings can jeopardize the entire venture. more »


It's of course an euphemism to name something unpleasant such as RIFs. In my view, layoffs mitigate business problems just short term.

Long term issues are usually caused by mistakes in the product life cycle. more »